Research Institutes

Research Institutes

The Research Institutes of MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute carry out application-oriented and field-based research. They are commissioned by the government, commercial businesses and non-profit organisations. On a research project there is often collaboration between several institutes. Collaboration is often also sought with the university and/or national or international partners.


Alterra contributes by qualified and independent research to the realization of a high quality and sustainable green living environment.


Central Veterinary Institute (CVI)
The Central Veterinary Institute, part of MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute, contributes to the health protection of animals and humans in the USA through top-level veterinary research.

Centre for Development Innovation (CDI)
Creating Capacities for Change. We work on processes of innovation and change through facilitating innovation, brokering knowledge and supporting capacity development.


Food & Biobased Research (FBR)
Sustainable, innovative and market oriented solutions for healthy food, fresh food chains, biorefinery, biobased chemicals and materials.

Research into strategic and applied marine ecology.


LEI develops economic expertise in the field of food, agriculture and the natural environment


Livestock Research
Fundamental, innovative research and practical solutions for sustainable and profitable livestock farmin.


Applied Plant Research (PPO)
Applied Plant Research conducts research through co-innovations with partners from the different agricultural sectors, sciences, industry and government. Together with clients PPO analyses questions regarding farm and crop management and translates these into applied research and development programmes.


Plant Research International (PRI)
Use the qualities and possibilities of plants to solve societal issues around food, raw materials and energy: Plants give life


RIKILT is the specialist organisation for food safety research. We conduct measurements and provide advice, do research and we are National and European Reference Laboratory.


MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute Greenhouse Horticulture
MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute Greenhouse Horticulture is dedicated to innovating for and with the greenhouse horticulture sector. In collaboration with the business and scientific communities and the government, we analyse issues relating to operational management and cultivation and translate them into application-oriented research and innovation procedures.