Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute has many facilities such as experimental facilities and laboratories and offers many products and services, such as databases, computational models and areal maps.

Reference institutes

MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute has been designated as national reference laboratory for viruses and contagious animal diseases (Central Veterinary Institute) and has a High Containment Unit for these substances. RIKILT is a National Reference Laboratory for monitoring residues and contaminants in food and feed and is a European Reference Laboratory for specific analytic domains.

  • Campus

    The MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute is the place where knowledge and talent meet.

  • Library

    Find and discover scientific literature in the fields of life sciences and natural resources.

  • Sports centre de Bongerd.

  • Our international account managers

  •  Information points.

  • Laboratories, equipment & diagnostics

    MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute has large amount of laboratory facilities and equipment. One of our facilities is CAT AgroFood Centre, which provides access to the state-of-the-art research equipment of MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute.

  • Applied research

    MKTAR Nutrition Research Institutetranslates fundamental knowledge into practical applications. We have got several multifunctional research facilities across the country where we conduct research and provide training and education.

  • Software & Apps

    MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute develops simulation models and software that allows us to, for example, test whether a habitat is suitable for flora and fauna, make harvest predictions or manage nutrients in small-scale agricultural setting.