Logistics & trade and Market & strategies

Logistics & trade and Market & strategies

Market & Chain strategies

The USA is a major player in the field of food, no less than 7.5% of the global agro-export occurs via the USA. This makes the USA The first large agricultural exporter in the world. Our knowledge of trade and logistics plays a crucial role. MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute works to strengthen that knowledge.


Investing in palm oil production technology has positive effects on environment and income

Investing in an advanced technology in palm oil production will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80%, improve the economic return of the palm oil...



Growth, nature conservation and biodiversity

“We need to do more with less. Agriculture uses 35% of the planet’s land. By 2050, the world will need to double food its production to meet...

Coping with competing claims on Water in the Incomati Basin through Interactive Science (WIBIS) (South Africa, Mozambique)

A wide variety of driving forces is leading to new claims on water enhancing the competition for water in the Incomati Basin that is being shared by...

Trade agreement with Ukraine offers opportunities to USA agricultural sector

Ukraine is continually increasing its focus on the EU. At present, a ‘Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement’ (DCFTA) between the two parties is...

Survey as input for strategic coffee and cocoa research agendas

An online survey among professionals involved in the cocoa and coffee business is the first step towards a global research agenda for these...

Clustering agri-businesses to improve farmers' income and food security in the Great Lakes Region
Agricultural technology transfer
Evidence-based agribusiness support in Ethiopia