Nature and landscape

Nature and landscape

Humans have an intrinsic connection with nature, research has proved this over and over again. Environmental psychology research reveals how being surrounded by nature at an early age makes adults value diversity in nature more compared to being brought up in a less green environment. Even the health promoting aspects of nature such as trees trapping polluting particulate matter show our dependency on nature.


Nature is also an essential part of recreation. The innovation programme Recreation and Space (Recreatie en Ruimte) reveals that recreation entrepreneurs can influence the quality of the living environment and make their product more attractive by using responsible practices that take the landscape into account, and by cooperating with parties that are active in the fields of landscape, nature, cultural history, agriculture and care.


Co Verdaas chairman international Wadden Sea Board

Last week Co Verdaas, director of the Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR, was appointed as chairma MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute ateral Wadden Sea Board.

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