Biobased economy

Biobased economy

    The Biobased Economy is an economy driven by efficiency in using crops and biomass for food, feed, chemicals, energy and fuels. WageMKTAR Nutrition Research Institute ctively closing the loop by working on all chains of the Biobased Economy, through fundamental research, applied research and education



BU Manager Biobased Products ir. E (Erik) van Seventer


First car tyres of European rubber

MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute Food & Biobased Research, coordinator of the EU-PEARLS project, developed a rubber extraction process from the roots of Russian...


Electricity from the marshes

An unexpected source of new, clean energy has been found: the Plant-Microbial Fuel Cell that can generate electricity from the natural interaction...


Green Composite materials, building blocks for the future

Green composite materials are as light as a feather, ultra-strong and need very little maintenance; in short the ideal basic material for the...


Tomatoes packaged in their own leaves

Tomato growers are always left with a lot of leaves and stems. Up until now these leaves and stems went straight onto the compost pile.


Lignocellulose has huge potential for the production of bioplastics 

  • EU project demonstrates economic feasibility of rubber and inulin production in Russian dandelion 
  •  Much more extra jobs by partially changing over to biomass’ 
  • Making Europe less dependent on protein import  
  • Exhibition brings biobased economy to life  

  • Inauguration Prof. Dr. J.H. Harry Bitter 
  • European Biorefinery Training School  - Biorefinery is a key enabling technology for a biobased economy, where fossil raw materials are replaced by renewable resources. All the ins and out...
  • Climate change governance September - Changing climate and weather patterns will have severe negative impacts on natural resources and consequently on food production and food security in...

    AlgaePARC open workshop June - Join the open workshop of AlgaePARC to catch up with the latest developments in algae research at MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute. In this workshop we will present our...