Health and nutrition

Health and nutrition

    You are what you eat. It’s a saying with lots of meaning, because to a large extent our nutrition determines our health.

Exposure Assessment in Nutrition Research (3rd edition)

One of the main objectives of nutrition research is to provide scientific evidence for the role of diet in human health and disease. High quality dietary assessment methods and biomarkers are crucial to optimally design studies in this field. Nutrition research is often blamed for poor exposure assessment that might impair its usefulness. Therefore, studies that evaluate the validity of dietary assessment methods are important to allow proper inference from such studies. Consequently, researchers should master the concepts and principles underlying evaluation studies.


New Partnership Announced to Accelerate Global Research for Nutrition Science

New York Academy of Sciences joins with MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute to direct collaborative nutrition research across industries, academia, and funders.

Consumers at the helm

The Science shop conducted research into the preference of consumers for regional products in MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute.

Increasing global homogeneity in food consumption causes serious threats to human health and food security

The worldwide spread of a ‘standard globalized diet’ is putting more food on the dinner table, but at the expense of the cultivation and consumption...

Reaction kinetics in food science (8th edition)

The use of kinetics is necessary for many aspects of food research. Enzymatic, chemical, physical and microbial reactions in foods occur...