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California Institute of Technology

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Caltech (California Institute of Technology, abbreviated as Caltech \ CIT) is a prestigious American university, located in Pasadena, California (Pasadena), created in 1891. This school size is not large, only about 1,000 graduate students and more than 900 undergraduate students, but among the world's first one in the "Times Higher Education" World University Rankings 2012-2013


Introduction to College

Caltech (California Institute of Technology, referred to as Caltech) created in a
1891 years
  Is the world's leading science and engineering universities. Caltech only 50.18 hectares cultivated land area and only two thousand twenty thousand students, there are 31 who won the Nobel Prize 32 times. California Institute of Technology, "U.S. News And World Report" annual ranking of universities ranked a National University in 2000. California Institute of Technology in 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked 6, the per capita contribution Ranked # 1. In the 2013 World University Rankings hundred reelected to top 95.5 points, ahead of Oxford University and Stanford University



This private university 's mission is " to education, government and industry need to foster the development of creative scientists and engineers ." Caltech professors and graduates 31 people 32 times ( Pauling had two winners ) won the Nobel Prize , the average per thousand graduate students with a Nobel Prize winner , which is the highest proportion of the world's universities . Caltech is just more than 2,100 students and 270 professors, associate professors , assistant professors, including 66 National Science Academy , 33 National Academy of Engineering and the National Arts Academy of Sciences 80 , equivalent to 36.7% of all teachers today , this in the nation and even the world is no school out of its right .
California Institute of Technology has a number of the world's top scientists, the United States "explore" magazine in 2008 out of the 40 United States 20 years of age smartest scientists , they are regarded as a genius in the field of their research , and forged a fruitful , a professor at the California Institute of Technology in which 20 talented scientists actually accounted for four seats .
Hospital doors doors are distinguished graduate courses , 2010 US News America's Best Graduate School rankings, California Institute of Technology ranked the nation's No. 1 physics , chemistry first , aerospace 1st , 1st Earth Sciences , Biology Section 4 , section 5 electronic Engineering , Mathematics section 7 , section 11 of computer science , economics 14