Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University

 Who We Are

Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, USA. College was established in 1945, is a private, non-religious coeducational institution of higher learning.


Basic Information
School year: 1945 Country: United States
Province: Illinois
City: Chicago
Number of students: 7,500
Whether the Chinese Ministry of Education Certification: Certification


College undergraduate courses
Art history, music, biology, chemistry, computer science, communications, economics, accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing, risk management and insurance, early childhood education, primary education, secondary teacher education, special education, integrated communications, international studies, journalism, law, mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology,


College offers graduate programs
Musical performances, Biotechnology & chemistry, computer science, creative works, economics, should be about, history, integrated market communications, news, mathematics, actuarial science, computer science, political science, psychology, clinical psychology, clinical professional psychology, industrial psychology, public administration, sociology, Spanish, accounting, business administration, human resource management, information systems, international business, real estate and so on