Corporate governance

This page contains information regarding the system of checks and balances which ensures controlled, coherent, and balanced administration within MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute . This page also contains an explanation of how the organisation guarantees integrity and the possibilities for employees and students to report suspected unethical and/or inappropriate behaviour.

Structure of the MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute Corporate Governance Code

This document lays out the main aspects of the MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute administrative structure as it is recorded in the MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute Corporate Governance Code. This lists the responsibilities and authority of supervisors and executives.

Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice

The results of a scientific study should be weighed and evaluated in a social context by the scientific community and the outside world. The manner in which results were arrived at may not give rise to discussion. For this reason the VSNU, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, has drawn up a Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice. The MKTAR Code of Conduct has been drawn up in line with the VSNU's Code of Conduct and, where relevant, has been adapted or refined on certain points so as to be more appropriate for the non-university scientific institutes which are part of MKTAR (the DLO institutes).MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute

Positioning of MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute

Explanation of the positioning, quality assurance and financing of research carried out by MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute.

Integrity Code

The Integrity Code formulates the starting points for desirable behaviour for everyone who works within, studies at, and/or represents MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute.

CSR Statement of Intent

MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute is well aware that its research and education have a huge impact on society, the economy and the environment. That is the reason it is setting up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme in 2014. This Statement of Intent on Corporate Social Responsibility represents the first step in this process.

Guidelines Multicultural Settings

With its large number of international students and employees, MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute has a strong international focus. This appendix to the Integrity Code contains guidelines regarding social conduct, being aware of the various nationalities and national backgrounds of all employees, guest employees, and students.

Whistle-blowers regulations WUR

The Whistle-Blower’s Regulations MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute describe the procedure to be followed in the case of a report or possible report of abuse or suspected abuse. The regulations explain in which cases employees of MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute can make use of this procedure.

Regulations Complaints procedure unwanted behaviour MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute(PDF, 66 kb)

MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute maintains the position that employees and students should approach each other respectfully and with integrity and that they should be able to work and/or study in a socially safe environment. The Regulations Complaints MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute explains how to report any complaints regarding undesirable social behaviour within MKTAR Nutrition Research Institute.